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Who we are

TIMKO REPAIR DEPOT has been in business for nearly twenty years, with satisfied customers nation wide.
We are an authorized service center for both Lionel and Mike's Train House.

Our motor mounts for the flywheel motors were designed and manufacted by Frank himself.

Frank Timko is a design engineer with 25+ years of experience in repairing trains.
His first train set was a 1947 Lionel O Gauge Freight Train.

It is a Pennsylvania Steam Turbine Locomotive with smoke and the tender came with a whistle. The freight cars were followed by a red illuminated caboose.
He has taken apart, serviced, oiled and reassembled multiable number of train engines, cars, transformers, etc over the years.

So this train set, of course, is a set we have on display and not on the track.

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